About Bethlehem Travel

tour guides_bethlehemBethlehem Travel was born out of popular demand for high quality touring experience to one of the most fascinating cities in the world - Bethlehem. 

Although thousands of tourists enter Bethlehem on a daily basis, many of them are met with low quality, non-professional "tour guides" which get paid for luring their guests into local souvenir shops. 

After receiving dozens of requests, through our Israel Private Tours service, for a reliable, experience and knowledgeable tour guide to Bethlehem we decided it is time to act. 

Since Israeli guides can't enter Bethlehem, we've conducted a thorough survey and located a group of top notch Palestinian guides who are knowledgeable,  passionate about their profession and are eager to provide a real Mediterranean hospitality for their guests. Together we launched a combined Israeli-Palestinian travel service. 


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Our Goals

  • Provide our guests with superior travel experience to the city of Bethlehem.
  • Provide a knowledgeable and historically rich guidance for the region.
  • Work only with licensed and professional Palestinian guides and fully pay their guidance fees without relying on local businesses commissions. 
  • Demonstrate Palestinians and Israelis can work and prosper together. 
  • Promote higher standards of tourism in Bethlehem and the West Bank and contribute our share to the local economy. 


Meet The Team

Ilan Ziv - General Manager

ilan ziv

After years of working as an Internet Marketing consultant for various international firms, Ilan decided to combine his online experience and his passion for traveling and together with a group of top notch Israeli tour guides he founded one of Israel's most successful and reputable private tour services. 
In the summer of 2011, after friends introduced him to Nasser Alawi - an experienced local tour guide, the idea of establishing a travel service that is based on a Palestinian-Israeli partnership was born. 

Being an optimistic and a true advocate of peace, Ilan established Bethlehem Travel as a proof that friendships and business endeavors can flourish whenever there is a will. 


Nasser Alawi - Head Tour Guide

bethlehem tour guideWith more than 20 years of experience as a licensed tour guide in and around Bethlehem, Nasser knows the ins and outs of every stone, hidden stairway and a short cut road. He is the guy who knows the policeman at the entrance to the nativity church by name or the head waiter at one of these excellent hidden restaurants only the locals know of. 

In addition to his extensive knowledge in the history and archeology of the region Nasser fluently speaks English, Spanish and Italian as well as Arabic and Hebrew. 





Shanie Zimerman - Customers Relation Manager

Shanie Israel Cruise ExcursionsBorn in New Jersey to two Israeli parents Shanie spent most summers visiting family in Israel.  She went to the University of Rhode Island, and moved to Israel at the age of 20 where she worked and studied Hebrew on Maagan Michael, and then later moved to Kibutz Mishmar Haemek to work for 9 months. 

If you will contact us regarding any of our tours or services, Shanie will be the one to promtly answer all of your questions and be in touch with you along the way just to make sure your plans and tour goes just as you expected. 




Thinking of visiting Bethlehem? Submit the form below to start planning your tour 


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