Full Day Bethlehem and Jericho Tour

A private tour excursion that includes Bethlehem, Herodion, Vadi Kelt and Jericho

Tour Plan

bethlehem jericho tour

A private tour that unveil the beauty and history of two ancient cities - Bethlehem and Jerich. You will visit some of the most fascinating sites in our region that played a unique role in ancient and modern history. Led by an experience, licensed local tour guide in a comfortable and safe tourist vehicle you will be able to experiencethe sites and scenes which you only read and heard about.

The tour includes a pickup from any location in Jerusalem to Bethlehem which is located about 20 minutes drive from central Jerusalem. After meeting your guide you will embark on a full day tour (about 8-9 hours) and will return in the late afternoon to Jerusalem. 

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Bethlehem, Herodion, Jericho Tour Plan

This Tour is a private tour offered to individuals and groups of any size. That means the following tour plan is completely flexible and you can make any changes you like to the itinerary. The tour includes pick up/drop off from any location in Jerusalem, and is included in the price of the tour itself. 
The tour is guided by an experienced and licensed local guide with years of experience in leading these kind of tours. 

The tour will begin with a visit to the Church of Nativity which marks the birth place of Jesus. In addition to being one of the most sacred sites for Christian believers, this ancient church has a very unique current and ancient history. We will then continue to Bethlehem Old City as well as the Arab Market, which are located in the center of Bethlehem. The Old City consists of six Christian Quarters and one Muslim Quarter. All quarters revolve around Manger Square.

Important - The tour doesn't include any obligatory stop at local souvenir shops. Our guide will be happy to take you through a local recommended shop but only if this is what you want.

Our next stop will be the Milk Grotto, which is dubbed a sacred site because tradition serves that the Holy Family took refuge here before their journey into Egypt. According to tradition the scraping from the stones are known to enhance the quality of a mothers milk and therefore boost fertility.

Next we will visit Shepherd's Fields, which is located in an old Christian village known as Beit Sahour. It is believed that the shepherds who lived there in ancient times saw the Star of Nativity. In Beit Sahour we will launch at a wonderful restaurant that serves excellent local food and offers beautiful relaxed view of the Judean Dessert (Optional, not included in the price of the tour). 

After lunch we will visit the Separation Wall, which separates Israel and the Palestinian territories and see some of the famous graffiti done by local and international artists. You will learn first hand about the current political and day to day hardships of life in the West Bank yet without getting political - this is not a political tour. 

Our next stop in our tour is Herodion, one of King Herod's palaces and where his tomb was finally discovered. Here, King Herod's architects sculpted the mountain itself to make it symmetrical to the Palace. From the top of the fortress you can enjoy the stunning views of the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, and the suburbs of Jerusalem. You will continue to Wadi Kelt, which is a Valley that stretches all the way from Jerusalem and ends in Jericho. It is home to the oldest Jewish Synagogue in the world and the pictorial Greek Orthodox Monastery of Saint George.

The tour will end in Jericho, one of the most ancient cities in the world which is famous for the biblical epic siege that the sons of Israel have imposed upon it.  The city is filled with ancient and current Jewish, Christian, and Muslim heritage.

From Jericho we will drive up to the eastern subperb of Jerusalem where you will be picked up by taxi to get back to your hotel or car.

Included Site

  • Church of Nativity
  • Bethlehem Old City and Arab Market
  • Milk Grotto
  • Shepird's Field
  • Separation Wall Graffiti
  • Herodion
  • Vadi Kelt Monastery
  • Jericho

What's Included?

The Bethlehem Jericho Tour Includes

  • Luxurious, new, comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle or van (according to the group size).
  • Top rated, licensed tour guide which is an expert for the the history of the region and Christianity .
  • Full day (up to 8 hours) of private tour with transportation. 
  • Pickup and Drop off from your hotel or residence in Jerusalem.
  • Stop at an excellent local restaurant (Not included in the price of the tour). 
  • Visit to Bethlehem, Herodion, Wadi Kelt and Jericho
  • Drop off in your hotel or residence in Jerusalem.


Not Included in the Bethlehem Jericho Excursion

  • Food and Drinks 
  • Entrance fees.

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The Bethlehem Jericho tour is available year round on every day of the week.

We are doing our best to meet the growing demand for our tours, however, we do urge you to book as soon as possible, especially during holidays and high season. 

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 Tour  1-4 Passengers  5-7 Passengers  8-9 Passengers  Larger Groups
Half Day Bethlehem Tour (Private Tour) $275 $335 $415 Contact us
Full Day Bethlehem and Jericho (Private Tour) $540 $580 $640 Contact us 
2 Days Bethlehem-Jericho-Ramallah (Private Tour) $1060 $1110 $1200 Contact us

2 Days Bethlehem-Hebron and Herodion (Private Tour)

$1060 $1110 $1200 Contact us


Booking & Inquiries

How to book the Bethlehem Jericho tour?

In order to book this excursion you will need to contact us via the form below. We will confirm your booking request and reserve your place on the tour. 

For security, we will ask for your credit card information without charging you. 

For payment, we accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal. In addition, you can pay on the day of the tour in cash. 

Cancellation Policy

Up to a week before the tour there is no cancellation fee. All you need to do is write us an email with a cancellation request and we will either refund you or not charge you for the tour. 

For short notice cancellations (less than a week) we charge 30% cancellation fee. 

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