Is It Safe to Visit Bethlehem?

bethlehemm tour imageBethlehem is located in Palestinian controlled territory. In recent years, it is deemed a tourist friendly town that welcomes hundreds of tourists every day. The Palestinian authority and its tourist police maintain a high sense of security for travelers and make it as comfortable as possible to tour this "hidden gem of the Holy Land."

Although tourism rises by the thousands around Christmas time, Bethlehem has a steady stream of tourists on a daily basis. In 2010 alone, the city of Bethlehem welcomed over 1.4 million tourists; 90,000 of which came for Christmas time.

Both local authorities and local residents appreciate the contribution of tourism to the local economy and are doing their best to welcome travelers and show them the famous Middle Eastern hospitality.


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Keeping You Safe

Although tourists were never a target of any type of hostilities, we are aware that safety is a concern for many travelers who are considering a visit to Bethlehem.

For this reason,  we monitor, on a daily basis, both the Palestinian and Israeli tourism and security bulletins and in case of any warnings we will notify you and make the necessary arrangements.

In addition, all of our guides are local guides who knows to identify any change in atmosphere and they are instructed to put the safety of their guests on the top list of their priorities. 


Bethlehem Travel – Paving the Road to Peace

Bethlehem Travel is a small business which is based on cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian travel and web experts. When visiting Bethlehem with us you contribute for peace and prosperity in the following ways - 


  • Promoting business partnerships between Israeli and Palestinians - One of the best ways to promote peace between the people is through economic incentives. 
  • Improving the local tourism industry - Sadly, the local tourism industry is not yet standardise, and there are many tour companies that avoid paying a professional guide and instead relay on "free" guides and mandatory visits to local souvenir shops. By paying a professional tour guide we take a stand and deliver a clear message to local businesses to improve the service they offer. 
  • To avoid any doubt - We pay our professional tour guides full guidance fee and deliver in return first class touring services. 



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