Who Can Visit Bethlehem?

priest in BethlehemAll tourists who enter Israel under a tourist Visa are allowed access into Bethlehem through the main crossing from Israel which is located just a few miles from the city center of Jerusalem. Foriegn nationals are permitted to cross back and forth as many times as they wish. 

Important - Make sure you bring your passport with your Israeli visa (if applied to your country).


Israeli Passport Stamp - Not an Issue

Many travelers are often worry about crossing to Bethlehem with an Israeli border control stamp in their passport. 

This is not an issue when crossing to Bethlehem since all visitors to Bethlehem arrive through Israel and it is obvious to the local Palestinian authority that they came through Israeli passport control. 

The Israeli stamp is an issue only if you intend to visit an Arab state with no peace agreement with Israel for example - Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or Iran. 


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