Things to See in Bethlehem

Just 15 minutes from Jerusalem city center Bethlehem offers a unique historical and spiritual experience

bethlehem nativity churchBethlehem is a small Palestinian controlled town that is located in the southern outskirts of Jerusalem. Being the birth place of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem was, and still is, a center of Christian pilgrimage. 

Although still the main source of attraction, there is more to see and visit in addition to the Church of Nativity. Here is a short summary of some of the main attractions Bethlehem has to offer. 


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Bethlehem Old City

Located in the center of the City, it consists of six Christian and one Muslim Quarter. An authentic sizzling Arab market offers a genuine Mediterranean atmosphere with it original mixed of oriental smell and tastes. 


Milk Grotto

This holy site with its Franciscan chapel, is believed to be the site where the Holy Family took refuge during the "slaughter of the Innocents". It is believed that while Mary was nursing baby Jesus, a drop of milk fell and touched the floor of the Grotto, coloring its walls in white. According to local traditions, the Grotto has healing powers and many believes in its fertility blessing.  

Shepherd's Field

shepereds fieldLocated in the Christian Village of Beit Sahour which today is a suburb of Bethlehem. According to the Gospel of Luke, shepherds used to live in various caves here while watching their sheep. It is here, that they witnessed the star of nativity which marked the birth of Jesus Christ. 

It is interesting to note, that the miracle of nativity was revealed to shepherds which were consider to be a low class profession. A new faith was born and it wasn't directed solely to the owners of the land but to the commoners, workers, sick and poor as well. 

Separation Wall

This wall separates Israel from Palestinian controlled territories. The wall is a constant news item and is the subject of extreme controversy between Israelis and Palestinian. Parts of the wall are decorated with graffiti from local artists and residents enhancing the struggles of living in a war-torn area.


herodionThis ancient palace and fortress that was built by King Herod is a true hidden gem. Located just 15 minutes drive from Bethlehem this site offers both rich history, magnificent ruins and excellent views of the Dead Sea and Jordan. Once a part of King Herod's chain of palace fortresses aimed to provide him with sanctuary in time of crises and unrest (Masada is another beautiful example). The entire mountain was shaped and craved and stands out in the landscape that surrounds it. Over the years the palace changed hands and later was one of the last strongholds of the Jewish rebels against the Roman empire. 

Recently, excavations in the site uncovered the tomb of King Herod and have put and end to the long lasting debate around the whereabouts of his burial place. 



Thinking of visiting Bethlehem? 
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