Where is Bethlehem Located?

Bethlehem mapBethlehem is a small town located at the southern end of Jerusalem, just 5km (8 miles) from Jerusalem city center.

In accordance to the Oslo Peace Accord, Israel turned Bethlehem over to the Palestinian National Authority in 1995 after having control of the city for 28 years.

For more than a decade the city is booming with visitors from all over the world while local Palestinian authorities are doing their best to keep the city clean and safe for everyone.

In order to visit Bethlehem, travelers require to go through a short security check where they need to present a valid passport (There is not a problem with an Israeli stamp on the passport since Israel is the only into Bethlehem).  



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Crossing Into Bethlehem

Most visitors arrive to Bethlehem from Jerusalem. In order to enter Bethlehem they must go through an Israeli checkpoint that includes showing a passport and scanning luggage in an x-ray device, similar to airport security.

All international visitors that were granted access into Israel are allowed into Bethlehem as long as they have a valid passport.  Israelis currently can't go into Bethlehem unless they have a special permit. For this reason, all tour companies must work with local Palestinian guides. 

There is no need to worry about having an Israeli stamp in your passport since all visitors to Bethlehem must go through Israel passport control. 


Getting to Bethlehem 

By Car

Usually it is not possible to enter Bethlehem with an Israeli licensed car. Cars which are rented in Israel are not allowed into Bethlehem and are not covered by insurance while there. 

If you are moving around by a rented car, you can park your car next to the checkpoint and cross by foot. A large and free parking area is available there.


By Taxi

Just like cars, taxis from Jerusalem can drive you to the checkpoint, but not cross with you into Bethlehem. 
If you need transportation inside Bethlehem, you can pick a local taxi or arrange for a local driver to wait for you on the other side.




Thinking of visiting Bethlehem? 
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